May 042011

Those of you that know me, know two things; 1> I LOVE linux. and 2> I LOVE to complain.

Now I get to satisfy BOTH my loves in ONE RANT! :D

There is a change in developement direction in the Linux community as of late… Gnome. I like gnome and above all else I have really not had many complaints about it. it’s the GDM. The display manager. The gui. I have grown accustom to how it works, looks, and feels. I quite like gnome 2.3 and I thought I’d never NOT like gnome! untill now.

The Gnome development group ( some 13 months ago started to rethink their graphic environment. Maybe it was the general “same-ness” they perceived in it’s similarities between gnome and the other WMs out there, maybe they dropped one too many acid hits. I don’t know. but this idea came up that they wanted to develop a “shell” over gnome. Now I understand the concept of “sand-boxing”–which is where you build safeties into your environment by making most of said environment static and unchangeable– however when you make that sandbox not only visible, but in some ways an obstruction to actual function, that’s where you lose me.

In gnome 2, when I wanted to change my wallpaper, I could right-click on the desktop and select “change wallpaper”. In gnome 3… I have to go to system preferences, then background, then I can change the wallpaper… why the extra step?

In gnome 2 when I wanted to switch to an application on another workspace, I need only right-click on the application tab in the panel and click move to workspace-<which ever workspace I wanted>. in Gnome 3 to move an application to another panel, I have to click on “activity” then drag the application to another workspace. Now for this example, moving the application is just as easy–some would argue it’s even easier–however, I point out that the original option is absent! I don’t even have the option to perform the task the way I am used to!

And this brings me to example 3. In gnome 3 If I don’t like the gnome shell, I can disable it. A nice feature to be sure as this brings me to a version of the Gnome desktop I am most familiar with! however, this desktop has lost much of it’s old functionality… remember in my last two examples I pointed to the “right-click” menu? well in gnome 3, there is no right-click. in every test instance I have tried of gnome 3, from fedora 15 to Suse, to arch, every test instance of gnome 3 minus the gnome shell, there. is. no. right-click.

I’m, sorry Gnome developers… but… really? The act of FORCING your users to change mindset like that is something Microsoft would do. do you really want to be lumpped into the same group as Micro$oft, $ony, or worse, A₱₱£€?!?

I could ignore the obvious imperfections of the gnome shell, if you gave me a way to have a regular looking gnome desktop back… but you removed the right-click functionality outside the shell…

and here’s the kicker, I seem to be the only one who makes these complaints… why is everyone else so quick to jump on the change bandwagon?!? all the major distros seem to be migrating to gnome 3!…like it’s some great new thing!



I try to love linux… I really do… but sometimes you “community” developers make it so damn difficult.

…and renfeld, before you start telling me how great windows 7 runs… STFU.