Jan 302010

Well, it’s been around a month since I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my server and netbook. I have totally enjoyed it! No problems, few stability issues and I’ve actually only had 1 issue. I was upgrading my Zune mp3 players firmware and all of a sudden none of my usb devices would work. I just went ahead & hit the power button on the front of my computer and it shut down like it should. When I brought it back up & was able to login everything was working correctly. The only thing I can figure is that the new USB 3.0 drivers on my new desktop system took the entire usb hub down. Beyond that one issue, no program, web page or game I’ve tried to use on this new os and computer have failed at all. I find that Windows 7 is an awesome os and I don’t mind using it at all. I’ve dabbled in Linux but I don’t know how to navigate in it well enough to do the things that I want to. When it comes to Windows though, I can find it, get it working and have it working exactly how I want it to. Windows 7 seems faster, has less crashes than XP and isn’t as much of a resource hogging whore as either XP or Vista. I know there are issues, but I’ve not experienced any except for the 1 crash.