Feb 262010

Since 2007 I have been throwing myself into work. I really have nothing else going on in my life. I have few friends, they know who they are, and I occasionally spend time with them. Well after a year of working from 6am to 4-6pm daily I was “fired” from the route I was doing. I of course was very angry about it but didn’t let it stop me from finding something else as quickly as possible. After less than a week I was hired on with another owner in the same job. When I started with him I still was working quite late and still starting quite early as well. In the last month I was put onto a route that requires far less time and have been wrapping everything up at the latest 3 or 3:30pm. This has allowed me to have an unpressidented amount of spare time that I have not had since I before I started working for DHL 5 yrs ago. I find myself at home, already bathed and having nothing to do for almost 10 hrs b4 I go to bed. This is nice in that I now have time to get things done that I have wanted to such as cleaning, arranging my USED parts store and some car audio projects I’ve put off for a couple years. Today for example, I was done, back to the station and ready to go home at 3pm. I didn’t leave till 3:30 cuz I was talking to Ryan and then I went home, did some computer stuff, took a shower and then went out for something to eat. So here I am typing this at 8:14pm and I have nothing to really do for the next two or 3 hrs. I simply don’t know what to do with myself and I also have the issue that I want to be around people but I can’t stand some of them so I still just stay home.
Basicly I’m saying, “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!” I’m loosing my fucking mind!!!
I need some small mindless games I can play on my computer like solitare, I’ve been playing that so much I would like to beat my head against the wall. Oh & Nic, I’m sorry, but Fallout 3 just simply bores the hell out of me.
Anyways, bah!

Apr 222009

Ok, I’ve been running gui free for a week now and I noticed something I never expected…

At first I caught myself repeatedly reaching for a mouse that wasn’t there, then I started to get used to the command line functions… and now I hardly have to look at my little cheat sheet.

Though lynx has a lack of functionality that I find annoying…

The thing is I noticed my constant use of command line has forced me to be less visual. Now I think about what I’m doing and my focus seems to be improving.

I find physical activity eaiser, I find I have more energy, and I find it’s easier to get up in the morning… I’m not sure WHY any of this would be caused by using command line… but it all started when I started using CLI exclusively…


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Dec 302008

I find myself lacking in motivation as of late… I WANT to post an update… but I just cant get myself to do it… wait…

So I updated my lappy to OpenSuSE 11.1 … it’s nice… first distro I have successfully gotten my bluetooth headset to work in… though some modifications to the fosswire script were necessary to do it…

I like Suse… though I find myself constantly dithering between Suse and Fedora…

Likefood and Sweetleslie: no I havent forgotten you two… I’m just busy as of late… I have no life and I’m too busy… what has this world come to?

Oct 102008

In my life I have seen many arguements reguarding law and order in a “civilized world” and in all these debates there is always a sence that either noone wins, or the arguement is one-sided… I feel that the results are guided to a no-win end.

For instance; when debating gay marraige, everyone seems to prefer one of three groups:

Group one: Gays are bad people who have no rights and are nothing more than animals deserrving of no better treatment.

Group two: Gays are people too, only they are diferant and thus deserve more rights than the average citizen.

Group three: Who gives a rats flying fart?!?

Nearly every debate I have ever listened to ends up similarly devided, one group is heavily biased and bigoted, one group is overly zealous and bigoted, and one group just couldn’t care less.

Personally as far as homosexuals are conserned… I personally am a homophobe… I have met several proclaimed gay people in my life and frankly from the word go, I had a dislike for them. not that they are bad people, I just felt uncomfortable arround them and had this overwhelming urge to smear them in napalm and light a match. However; I think that even they would be supprised at my personal beliefs on the matter.

I feel that the world should be subject to three laws and ONLY three laws. These laws are divided into two parts for each law. the first part is the negative and the second is the positive. I think you will see what I mean in a moment.

The First Law: No human may perform an action nor inaction that may take away the freedoms of other humans. Likewise, every human is free to act in any manner they see fit, so long as they accept the responsibility for their own fortunes.

Example of Law One: If a man wishes to sleep with another man. both men are lawfully protected to do so, so long as both are inclined to do so. Likewise they may perform or participate in a ceremony that binds them together in partnership allowing them to share benefits such as shared Insurance, community properties, and shared financial accounts. Please note that other than the “sexual” component said “partnership” could be shared by anyone wishing to share or pool their resources. this could include roommates and siblings without the controversy.

The Second Law: Every human over the age of wisdom (18~23) is responsible for their own welfare and estate and shal take no dependent on another human, unless deemed by a fit majority to be unable to maintain themselves by reason of mental or physical defect. No man is required to contribute more than their fare share of their time to mankind, nor is any man to be forced to participate in any part of humanity beyond their obligatory share.

Examples for Law Two: An able bodied man or woman is required to have gainful employment to maintain their own welfare. If a person wishes to “live off the state” unless the majority of people that would have to shoulder their bill agree that they are fit to work in some manner. this law would all but eliminate “welfare” as almost everyone is capable is working in some manner. Just about the only people I can think of that are not capable of working in some manner are quadriplegic deaf-mutes, coma, and the aged with senility.

The Third Law: Every human over the age of wisdom (18~23) is required to contribute their opinion on any legal matter that directly affects them as individuals. Likewise any likeminded opinion that is shared by the majority must be respected, taken as law, and enforced by those in the policing field.

Example of Law Three: The only example I can come up with here sould be for political figures… which could, in theory, be removed with the proper implementation of law three.

Of course all three laws would generate a “perfect world” or “utopia” if fully implemented including the disolution of all forms of currency.

I know someone will pick at this post, Go ahead! I have retorts to your disagreements.

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Sep 162008

Why do people insist on using the expression, “when life hands you lemons…”?

First off, Life never hands you anything. Life is like a deranged hobo living under the rail road bridge. If you’re unfortunate enough to walk by him, he hurls whatever he can get his hands on at you like a grenade.

And second,  lemons are not the life’s’ munition of choice. You see, life is more content to hurl out three week old salmonella riddled chicken heads, that splatter with a sickening thud against your face. A mucus laden spit-ball flung with such terrifying force as to stir up memories of the sixth grade bully… and dodge-ball… Splattering brain matter an dead chicken snot in your eyes and mouth.

And of course, not wanting to actually touch the mess of rotting flesh and rubbery bone matter–weakened through stewing in what can be only described as a broth of blood, faeces, and liquefied flesh matter–you end up standing there with an odd mixed expression of both horror and surprise, arms extended in a faux crucifix.

Ultimately you end up just standing there, mortified and somewhat curious where that muck-ball will end up as it slowly slides down your face, neck, and inevitably into your shirt–which incidentially is almost always both you favorite, and ironically, your last clean shirt.

The taste of the bits of muck that have somehow found purchase betwixt the bitter and sweet taste buds leaving you retching. It’s the taste of rotten eggs boiled in bird pooh and marinated dog urine.

And that’s when you finally take that fateful breath. You are forced to draw air through your nose, as you’re mouth is still suffering the offence of actually tasting the filth. Unfortunately your body has involuntarily been holding out on breathing until now, so that first breath is forced drawing not only air, but also the putrid stench of rotting flesh mixed with actual bits of congealed goo. This has a two pronged effect, There is a dual reaction between your lungs fighting to draw breath and your nasal passaged closing to stop the invading bits of carcase out of your air passages, causing you to snort. Of course this sudden snort forces that same invading chicken goo to travel further up your nose, and down the back of your throat finally resting on the backside of your uvula.

Of course, with every single sense of your being universally offended,  you vomit. Further adding to the mix of filth and muck and leaving you hopelessly defiled.

Eventually you will manage to regain enough composure to walk step after agonizing step back to your home, greadily lusting after a long hot shower… with bleach… However apon reaching your domicile, you are greeted with a red notice on your door… Your water has been turned off for building maintenance.

You see, there are no lemons available for life to hand. Only three week old salmonella riddled chicken heads.

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