Apr 122009

I went to the Watchmen movie this weekend with Nic. Well, from what I read in the graphic novel, I would say that it followed about 98% exactly. That was at about the point of 1/2 of the way through. Although the movie was a little hoakie, I enjoyed the story. There was alot of action and fun, but there was just one thing that irritated me more than anything else. That being the charicter Dr. Manhatten. In the graphic novel they state that he dislikes wearing clothing so he is constantly nekid. I didn’t have a problem with this and in the graphic novel there is only about 3 frames where there is a groin view of him. In the movie there was one scene alone that had 5 BIG BLUE PENIS’. This I find irritating because it was unneeded. I don’t understand this at all. In American Pie 2 Stiffler runs around waving a big blue dildo and shouts about it. This was funny and had a point. In the Watchmen, this served no purpose other than to make the audience uncomfortable. This seems like there was either the idea that there was a hugely gay director or they thought this would be a perfect way to get male full frontal nudity as an acceptable and standard practice in the cinema. The thing with full frontal female nudity, their sexual organs other than breasts are not on the outside of the body. Unless your a huge pervert that spends too much time looking, analizing and digitaly enhancing, you cannot see what they have. Then there is the issue of the poor bastard that had to spend hundreds of hours making a digial penis for him to wear. This seems just simply excessive and retarded. Anyways, this is just my idea of how stupid this is.

Apr 122009

Just watched Death Proof after seeing Planet Terror about a week ago. I enjoyed Planet Terror because it was a laugh riot! I was laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself. Now, Death Proof, that one threw me off a bit, but I really enjoyed the last scene when I got to watch Rosario Dawson lay a beatin down on Kurt Russell. Well, because of what his charicter did, I can’t blame her, but it was funny and I thought it was a killer way to end the story.

Apr 112009

Ok, I understand the horror, suspense gore movie thing. I also understand how a situation like what happens in this movie can freak a person out. However, I cannot understand how a person that is writing the script could make a female character so blatantly stupid and well, female. When I was in college I did a little paper on how women are portrayed in popular media. This includes television, movies and even some advertisements as well as video games. The common conception of how a female will react to a situation is to become a screaming wimp. This is not really that far from what a chauvinist would expect. I do not agree though. Women are strong and can react in very bizarre ways to certain things, but I have to think that when your life depends upon being strong and trying to make your way though a difficult scenario that even the most feeble minded female can make it though.

In this movie the female reporter suddenly become a screaming wimp that does nothing but scream and freak out and breathe hard at everything towards the end. When earlier in the movie she had been fighting back and mouthing off to a cop. I found her sudden change from a strong willed person to a weakling to be completely out of character. I also found that in the end of the movie her camera man tells her that if they are quiet the “zombie” “infected” whatever, can’t see them and if it can’t see them or “hear” them, they are safe and can get away. So what does she do, knocks something over, the “thing” attacks the camera man and kills him. She slowly, but quietly moves a piece of metal furniture out of the way, picks up the camera and begins looking around in night vision. Now keep in mind, this entire thing just happened in complete darkness as far as she is concerned.

As she pans around the room, she sees the “thing” eating her camera man, now rather than being quiet which she was able to do in complete darkness and move across the room and move a metal item, she makes a squealing/screaming noise. Guess what, that’s right, the “thing” attacks. She drops the camera.

I’m thinking, great now she has learned from her mistake and is going to slowly crawl over get the camera and using the night vision to get away. NOPE! She drags herself across the floor making just about as much noise as you can doing so and just before she can get the camera, poof! She is pulled off screen and disappears with a scream.

Now I’m thinking, “WTF is wrong with this stupid fucking woman?!?!?” She knows she has to be quiet, she can move and navigate in total darkness while moving a metal item out of the way, but she can’t get up on her knees and 4 point crawl over to the camera? She has to drag herself and make a bunch of noise? Is she completely retarded? Did the infection spread to her w/out her being infected in the normal manner, i.e. bite, spit, whatever biological means you choose, and have a unique effect instead of being a raving lunatic that attacks anything living, she becomes feeble minded and stupid?

Ok, long sentence, but I didn’t know where to cut it, so fuck it. It’s there it’s done it’s real.

I’m getting really tired of these typical female behaviors they have in movies. This isn’t a new thing either; it’s being going on from the beginning of theater as we know it. The thing that really makes this asinine is that the only way she could have not been a total let down and wussy retard is if she had been a lesbian. For some reason they are portrayed as these butch, macho tough guys– er, gals, whatever. This is stupid too, how many lesbians are bulls? Not enough to make this valid and I can guarantee that even they think this type of behavior that is portrayed is stupid.

The only time a female can be strong and not prissy is if she is a friggin robot. See Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sarah Connor and Cameron, the terminator, are strong female characters. Sarah is strong because she has to be for her son, this is a great reason and totally acceptable. The only other one is Cameron, hello! Robot! Terminator!

I’m just saying this is stupid and I would like to see more positive portrayals of females in the media.