Jul 262010

I FINALLY escaped the video-game scene a few weeks ago. My xbox kicked the bucket… hard. Over some time I was able to ascertain that the cause of it’s rather catastrophic failure was a direct result of dirty power. I live in a small town where the local power is routed over questionable wiring. As a result there are a LOT of brownouts, blackouts, and power surges. Tech here drops like flies in seasons!

I finally concluded the power was to blame when two Hard drives, a NAS and my Archos all died within days of my xbox… so yeah… dirty power.

I was free though. finally able to breathe. Don’t get me wrong, boredom was kicking in hard but ultimately the end of time draining video games was close!

Then Renfeld had to go and buy another xbox… thanks man… love the replacement xbox man… now I can go back to the sole-crushing, mind-numbing, anger-enduing, anti-social video-games… I love you man… I really, really hate you… damn it… I’m going to play some firefight now…

Jul 052010

Well, I finally pulled my head out of my ass today… or should I say, MICROSOFT pulled my head out of my ass…

I woke up this morning ready for another great day of movie watching and gaming, courtesy of my xbox 360. But my day was cut short by the Red Ring Of Death (or RROD). Wht is the RROD you ask? well, on the xbox there is a circle of lights on the front used mainly to display player connections and power… but when things go wrong (and with Microsoft, things WILL go wrong) these lights turn red in an ominous partial circle indicating your XBOX is now useless.

I’m so angry right now… I don’t even want to finish this post…

basically… Microsoft sucks. I am now selling ALL my microsoft crap, I swear to never buy another Microsoft product as long as I live. Of all the products I own nothing I have worked with has been more unstable, or less reliable than microsoft. why does this company still exist with such substandard quality control?!?

Apr 122009

I went to the Watchmen movie this weekend with Nic. Well, from what I read in the graphic novel, I would say that it followed about 98% exactly. That was at about the point of 1/2 of the way through. Although the movie was a little hoakie, I enjoyed the story. There was alot of action and fun, but there was just one thing that irritated me more than anything else. That being the charicter Dr. Manhatten. In the graphic novel they state that he dislikes wearing clothing so he is constantly nekid. I didn’t have a problem with this and in the graphic novel there is only about 3 frames where there is a groin view of him. In the movie there was one scene alone that had 5 BIG BLUE PENIS’. This I find irritating because it was unneeded. I don’t understand this at all. In American Pie 2 Stiffler runs around waving a big blue dildo and shouts about it. This was funny and had a point. In the Watchmen, this served no purpose other than to make the audience uncomfortable. This seems like there was either the idea that there was a hugely gay director or they thought this would be a perfect way to get male full frontal nudity as an acceptable and standard practice in the cinema. The thing with full frontal female nudity, their sexual organs other than breasts are not on the outside of the body. Unless your a huge pervert that spends too much time looking, analizing and digitaly enhancing, you cannot see what they have. Then there is the issue of the poor bastard that had to spend hundreds of hours making a digial penis for him to wear. This seems just simply excessive and retarded. Anyways, this is just my idea of how stupid this is.

Apr 122009

Just watched Death Proof after seeing Planet Terror about a week ago. I enjoyed Planet Terror because it was a laugh riot! I was laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself. Now, Death Proof, that one threw me off a bit, but I really enjoyed the last scene when I got to watch Rosario Dawson lay a beatin down on Kurt Russell. Well, because of what his charicter did, I can’t blame her, but it was funny and I thought it was a killer way to end the story.