Aug 262010

Okay, so I am not into violent video games,Halo and the like, but after this week I think understand why its so much fun to blow things up!!I would give anything to do that right now, but alas I have not the ability or the capabilty. I am broke and without transportation. I am no longer in purgetory I am in HELL!!!!

Jul 062010

Okay, my computer friends I have a question about restoring favorites in an internet browser. Can it be dome after a system restore? If so, how is it done?

Any help would be appreciated!Thanks!

Apr 282010

my never ending carnival ride.Okay, what the HELL is wrong with me!I went to a Daughtry concert, spent time with family and had a good time. I should feel good right? WRONG!I guess that moments of happiness are just what they are moments because I feel pretty shity, I’m tired, I’m done and I don’t want to do this anymore! I feel like I am on a carnival ride that refuses to let me off. I’m upside down, inside out and let’s face it fucked up!!!Just a few weeks ago I was feeling pretty good and now its like it never happened. I haven’t really been sleeping and its evident when I am awake because I feel like I’m dreaming only its the worst FUCKING nightmare imaginable. I hurt, I ache and I am just sooo….there isn’t even a word for it! I just want off this DAMN ride!!!

Mar 242010

Well, I turned 33 on Friday. I don’t feel any different. I have said I feel better, but man I feel about birthdays like I feel about most holidays…they r just like any other day of the year.Its just another reminder that I am one year older  not dead.Some say that your thirties are the best years of your life…well that is yet to be proven a true statement. I have been thirty for 3 years now and I haven’t seen what’s sooo great about it.33 happy whooping birthday to me…

Mar 182010

so here it is my wip. A poem inspired by something rudepeople said.

The Chaos That is Me
by me,myself and I

The silence is deafening like the dark night it consumes me.
Who is going to save me from the chaos that is me?
He only one.

I feel these four walls closing in on me,closing fast.
Who is going to save me from the chaos that is me?
He only one.

Hot tears of loneliness burn like acid rain.
who will rescue me from the chaos that is me?
Who will rid my body of the poison so I can be whole again.
Who will help me understand the chaos that is me?
He only one.

Silent screams in the night only I can hear them for they come from a place deep within me.
Who is going to hold and comfort me?
He only one.

I reach out into the night, but no one is there to save me from the chaos that is me…