Apr 192009

I can’t wait until some idiot cop decides to storm my house looking for contraband!

Unfortunately for the legal system, I have enough foundation knowledge to know that if the day that comes I find myself computer-less, post assault and seizure, there will be many a lawman lacking in employment, and several companies will be set back a few years.

You see, I will openly admit the following: I break copyright law.

That’s right! I admit it!!! But you see the problem therein lies with HOW I break the law…

I OWN a copy of two seasons of Stargate SG1 (the TV series), the Stargate movie (the ORIGINAL movie), and several other DVDs I have procured over the years… now for the fun part, did you know it is ILLEGAL for me to simply watch these movies? It’s true! I am not allowed by copyright to play the movies I have paid good hard American cash to have the privilege to watch! does that seem right to you?

You see I don’t run windows, I am ANTI-windows. I refuse to pay a dime to that worthless excuse of a crap-company, Microsoft. Ironically there is no such thing as a DVD player for Linux! So in order to play MY DVDs, I have to install a program codec called DVDcss. This is basically the decoding software needed to read the DVD through the encryption. In order to play the movies I have paid for… unfortunately DVDcss is somehow illegal in the united states! I have to break the law… does that seem fair?

Now it is argued that viewing legally obtained DVDs with DVDcss will never come up in court… but therein lies the problem, I am NOT just guilty of using DVDcss, I also use w32codecs, so I can play the simple videos sent to me by my friends and family… these videos are mostly unlicensed so legal for me to play… but to play them I have to use a licensed codec that had to be reverse engineered! add to that the modified flash player, wine binaries, and the 8 odd gigs of MP3s I’m doomed for the big house!

Now, all of my digital possessions were legitimately obtained! I have a full suite of Microsoft Applications, all obtained from Microsoft directly (Via an MSDN account I once had) My programs came packaged with my hardware, and most if not all my MP3s came strait from a batch of music CDs I myself–or my previous wife–purchased! Unfortunately the original cds have become scratched or damaged or lost, I don’t keep COAs as they are difficult to manage and maintain, and no, I don’t have receipts… per the MPAA I no longer have the right to play my music, watch my movies, or install ANY of my applications!… is this fair? no.

I am fairly certain the day I am arrested my case would open the door to counter suit after counter suit, as countless others like me retaliate against the MPAA–among other companies–that would pave the way for the demise of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

You see, like you, the judge would have to consider his own media library… the same library I’m sure he has paid a fairly hefty sum for… same with the Jury. I guarantee every one of them have media that the MPAA would consider illegal to possess… how do you think they would find? I’m not a criminal, I’m a good person, I pay my taxes, I pay for products that are WORTH paying for. so why should I have to pay a SERVICE fee for a PRODUCT?!?

MPAA: your days are numbered. Mark my words, you will press this until the people scream enough, then you will die on the very sword you have been so diligently forging.

Would it be easy? nah, I’d be computer-less for a while… but man, it would be SO worth it.

NOTE: yes, likefood, this means I no longer use/possess illegal software, all that I found usable I have paid for and all I find useless, I tossed. My “krackware” directory is now empty.

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Mar 272009

You know? It’s been a REALLY long time since I was actually excited about linux… up untill today, it was just something I used… Don’t get me wrong, that by no means suggests I actually was bored with linux. Judgeing by the alternatives I was basically pleasuring my PC as compaired to the virual infections they call Windows and Mac OS…

Sorry for the image there folks… it’s what I do. deal with it.

But tonight, I decided to knuckle down and install Debian again…

In the past, I have been loathed to do this task because while Debian is a clean and smooth OS, it take more lovein’ than my original analogy claimed! Debian requires finnessing that no ordinary Linux nerd can muster, and on a laptop… well, let’s just say you gotta be surgical about that beast!

But I did it… I took the day and installed debian, beginning to end, and I gotta say it, I am actually pleased as punch with the results! My little Lappy has never run so hapily… I can almost hear it’s little hard drive gleefully puttering arround with itself! Startup is quick, Wifi is clean and actually connection times and latency are MUCH better… I must say, Debian, you have done me proud… again…

Well, I know now, SOMEONE will point out my appearent drifting love affair with multiple OS’s and I now feel the need to point out the fact that I have two Hard drives for Hermes here… one for testing and one for USING… Debian is now on my USING drive… testing will probably keep mint for a month or two more before I nuke it… Frankly Mint is the SECOND best Linux distro out there, and if you are starting out, instlal Mint… just MAKE SURE YOU ALSO INSTALL OPERA!!! Mint’s version of Firefox if crap. also opera has their own tech support group that specialize in Linux… frankly it’s the first Omni-platform browser that actually works!

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Feb 222009

Ok, I feel the need to preface this with the following: I am a bigotted racist jerk.

There. that’s out of the way. Now allow me to explain; I hate ubuntu… no, I LOATHE ubuntu. you know why? The name and color scheme That’s right, I hate the OS because of the color of its interface!

I have no idea why this is such a big hang up for me. I have installed ubuntu and I find that the OS itself is a highly organized, incredibly functional OS that has done GREAT things with the Linux name and community. But the makers had to go and Africanize the beast with their “for the people” crap, then smear it with color schemes that make me think “third-world turd”… it REALLY bugs me and I will NEVER get over it.

Seriously, Canonical, what were you thinking? Did you not learn from the whole honey bee fiasco?!? Africanized things are NOT A GOOD THING!!!

Hey, I know, lets make a new OS, an awesome OS! OK, what do we call it? Something tech friendly? HELL NO! lets go all ghetto and call it something that came from the sphincter of the planet! and hey while we’re at it, lets smear it with poo!!! Yeah, people like crappy things! that’s why Microsoft is doing so well!

Stupid ubuntu…

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Feb 192009

Well it appears to be that time again… you know… when I start to flip through the Linux world in search of a new distro… I do this from time to time.

I just noticed Debian has come out with a new release… v5, they’re calling it lenny (oddly appropriate) so I’ve kicked off a VM install… we’ll see how things look on the USABILITY side before we dive in.

Last time I installed Debian I had a few issues;

For starters, I HAD to use all lowercase letters in my username… this is just lame. I mean, COME ON!!! Debian appears to be the only distro with this issue and it’s really easy to overcome (by simply installing kuser and creating a new account as desired) but seriously, this is just the most retarded thing to me…

Next I had issues with proprietary drivers… for instance the Nvidia driver was a friken pain to install… I mean it was ridiculously hard to get in there. and of course that spurred a Kernel rebuild that took out my wifi and eventually fixing both led to my sound going out… it was absolutely retarded.

Which brings me to my last gripe… Support. Debian support is… well… there is none! I tried several forums for assistance on my little video driver problems and got many “helpful” posters telling me how easy it was to do, but in reality NONE of their “helpful directions” worked… one group told me to do it the “debian way” involving some ridiculous kernel module build app that never worked, another recommended an addendum to the same telling me I had to build a deb for it… which made NO sense considering the fact that if all I needed was a deb then why the heck hadn’t someone else just posted their deb for me in the first place? Then add to all that the fact that the gcc compiler version was screwy (there was a link to a gcc compiler that was out of data and not removed, easy fix but still annoying).

the ting is, I have loved Debian for some time now… it’s clean, simplistic, and unbloated. I like the fact that as fast as I want to work Debian works that fast… I have no complaints there… it’s just the build that’s a pain… if this release has fixed all those problems, I am sticking with debian!

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Feb 152009

Ok, I know that likefood will be chomping at the bit to comment/rebuke this but PLEASE for the love of science read the entire post first.

It has been the subject of countless scientific debates, the center of endless science-fiction literature, and between them both it has single handedly been the leading cause of death for billions of trees (paper).

The Speed of Light.

Weather you are referring to actually building a craft that can do it or just trying to send an e-mail to grandma–circa the Pleiades–there is one constant speed limit that, thus far, cannot be broken. Why? Well now Timmy here’s your answer! The speed of light is NOT the universal speed limit (USL) that cannot be broken! in fact “the speed of light” (or TSOL) is actually BELOW the USL altogether! HOWEVER (and I use all caps on that one because this is huge) The actual speed of light (roughly 299,792,458 meters/s) is so close to the USL that the USL has been incorrectly labeled “the speed of light”.

Once upon a time I posed the following to likefood: If you were on a craft that somehow was able to travel at TSOL, and you turned on a flashlight and pointed it forward what would happen? Likefood–I suspect, simply having insufficient argument–declined a reply. Well I have the answer, and likefood it should have been your response. Once the flashlight was powered on, there would be a sudden bulb of light in front of the flashlight but that bulb would never become a beam and would in fact simply dissipate or reflect back into the face of the torch holder! You see it is NOT TSOL that prevents the light from moving beyond the vessel at equivalently faster speed, it is the USL that does!


Think of velocity (which is defined as the rate of change of position) as a ever shrinking value. If you are traveling at a given speed and you want to increase your speed you have to exert an increasing amount of energy to propel yourself that much faster. This equation involves three parts, your existing speed, your mass (or your overall weight and size), and the energy required to go faster. Well timmy, the closer to the USL you get the smaller you have to be in order to get closer to the USL. there is a very real and definable limit to how fast any object with measurable mass can go regardless of how fast the originating “push off point” was moving to begin with. So the USL tops out just under 300 million meters/s, the problem herin is simply that TSOL is NOT an unbreakable speed. In fact it not only can be done, it HAS been done! Just not with anything with mass!

So Timmy, what was the point of this little informational? To all you simple people out there reading your Issac Asimov books and star trek fanboys, please try to remember we are not trying to travel faster than light, that’s easy. We are trying to break the universal speed limit!

‘nough said… begone.

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Jan 282009

the video has been removed because ABC is totally GAY and 3v1l and filled with greasy, buttery, jerk wads who are more concerned with lining their pockets than really entertaining people.

Seriously, I hope ABC and everyone affiliated with them lose their jobs, licenses, and are arrested on drug trafficking and prostitution racketing charges. then I hope they end up in some dark prison with a nice little vertical motif and a new boyfriend named Moe.

ABC, you suck.

oh well… here’s the same video… NOT ganked.

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Oct 102008

In my life I have seen many arguements reguarding law and order in a “civilized world” and in all these debates there is always a sence that either noone wins, or the arguement is one-sided… I feel that the results are guided to a no-win end.

For instance; when debating gay marraige, everyone seems to prefer one of three groups:

Group one: Gays are bad people who have no rights and are nothing more than animals deserrving of no better treatment.

Group two: Gays are people too, only they are diferant and thus deserve more rights than the average citizen.

Group three: Who gives a rats flying fart?!?

Nearly every debate I have ever listened to ends up similarly devided, one group is heavily biased and bigoted, one group is overly zealous and bigoted, and one group just couldn’t care less.

Personally as far as homosexuals are conserned… I personally am a homophobe… I have met several proclaimed gay people in my life and frankly from the word go, I had a dislike for them. not that they are bad people, I just felt uncomfortable arround them and had this overwhelming urge to smear them in napalm and light a match. However; I think that even they would be supprised at my personal beliefs on the matter.

I feel that the world should be subject to three laws and ONLY three laws. These laws are divided into two parts for each law. the first part is the negative and the second is the positive. I think you will see what I mean in a moment.

The First Law: No human may perform an action nor inaction that may take away the freedoms of other humans. Likewise, every human is free to act in any manner they see fit, so long as they accept the responsibility for their own fortunes.

Example of Law One: If a man wishes to sleep with another man. both men are lawfully protected to do so, so long as both are inclined to do so. Likewise they may perform or participate in a ceremony that binds them together in partnership allowing them to share benefits such as shared Insurance, community properties, and shared financial accounts. Please note that other than the “sexual” component said “partnership” could be shared by anyone wishing to share or pool their resources. this could include roommates and siblings without the controversy.

The Second Law: Every human over the age of wisdom (18~23) is responsible for their own welfare and estate and shal take no dependent on another human, unless deemed by a fit majority to be unable to maintain themselves by reason of mental or physical defect. No man is required to contribute more than their fare share of their time to mankind, nor is any man to be forced to participate in any part of humanity beyond their obligatory share.

Examples for Law Two: An able bodied man or woman is required to have gainful employment to maintain their own welfare. If a person wishes to “live off the state” unless the majority of people that would have to shoulder their bill agree that they are fit to work in some manner. this law would all but eliminate “welfare” as almost everyone is capable is working in some manner. Just about the only people I can think of that are not capable of working in some manner are quadriplegic deaf-mutes, coma, and the aged with senility.

The Third Law: Every human over the age of wisdom (18~23) is required to contribute their opinion on any legal matter that directly affects them as individuals. Likewise any likeminded opinion that is shared by the majority must be respected, taken as law, and enforced by those in the policing field.

Example of Law Three: The only example I can come up with here sould be for political figures… which could, in theory, be removed with the proper implementation of law three.

Of course all three laws would generate a “perfect world” or “utopia” if fully implemented including the disolution of all forms of currency.

I know someone will pick at this post, Go ahead! I have retorts to your disagreements.

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