Dec 052010

watch this…

now for my take on the world of entertainment: once upon a time, entertainers were considered lower class citizens. not that entertaining people was a BAD thing persay, but that people who entertained for a living were of less value than the average person.

In contrast; people who had guests over, entertained their guests. People went to friends houses and expected to be entertained with conversation, or humor, or some other such thing. people who entertained in this manner did so to show respect for their guests and in this way expressed their desire to have company.

at some point people got lazy and began “hiring” their entertainment… at first the songs arround the fireplace was replaced with a record player then a CD player, and the humor was replaced by television. we forgot what entertainers used to be: second class.

This is an example of the opposite and I hope this continues. an impromptu talent show. friken sweet.

  2 Responses to “Be entertained. Be entertaining.”

  1. be grateful you have a car that at least limps along…I have no it turns out I have been lucky to have had it functional and in one piece…It is going to be a long week!

  2. He can come etertain me anytime!That was just AWESOME!