Jul 062010

Okay, my computer friends I have a question about restoring favorites in an internet browser. Can it be dome after a system restore? If so, how is it done?

Any help would be appreciated!Thanks!

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  1. that depends… what do you mean by “system restore”? do you mean: start > all programs > Accessories > System Tools > System restore? or do you mean, I stuck my windows disk in, wiped and reinstalled windows? or do you mean, “IT came, ‘restored my PC’, and now everything’s different”?

  2. All I know is my boss got a virus and the tech did a system restore. She recovered files but some of the programs are like broke and woke work and his internet favorites are gone.I feel like my boss’s personal IT but have no real IT knowledge. one more thing, have you heard of WB 1 files? My boss can not open them now and I have tried all I know how to do to make them visible again?There are pictures he has that cannot be recovered from the site he got them from. Hope that made sense because. I am about to bust a blood vessel!!