Jul 052010

Well, I finally pulled my head out of my ass today… or should I say, MICROSOFT pulled my head out of my ass…

I woke up this morning ready for another great day of movie watching and gaming, courtesy of my xbox 360. But my day was cut short by the Red Ring Of Death (or RROD). Wht is the RROD you ask? well, on the xbox there is a circle of lights on the front used mainly to display player connections and power… but when things go wrong (and with Microsoft, things WILL go wrong) these lights turn red in an ominous partial circle indicating your XBOX is now useless.

I’m so angry right now… I don’t even want to finish this post…

basically… Microsoft sucks. I am now selling ALL my microsoft crap, I swear to never buy another Microsoft product as long as I live. Of all the products I own nothing I have worked with has been more unstable, or less reliable than microsoft. why does this company still exist with such substandard quality control?!?

  One Response to “spite revitalized…”

  1. Let’s be honest…U knew this day would come. No one is bound to have a perfect record.Oh what will the gamer do now??