Apr 282010

my never ending carnival ride.Okay, what the HELL is wrong with me!I went to a Daughtry¬†concert, spent time with family and had a good time. I should feel good right? WRONG!I guess that moments of happiness are just what they are moments because I feel pretty shity, I’m tired, I’m done and I don’t want to do this anymore! I feel like I am on a carnival ride that refuses to let me off. I’m upside down, inside out and let’s face it fucked up!!!Just a few weeks ago I was feeling pretty good and now its like it never happened. I haven’t really been sleeping and its evident when I am awake because I feel like I’m dreaming only its the worst FUCKING nightmare imaginable. I hurt, I ache and I am just sooo….there isn’t even a word for it! I just want off this¬†DAMN ride!!!