Apr 062010

I know I have problems. I know that one of the vast array of annoying symptoms of my greater psychosis is simple paranoia. I get these flashes of thought like, “Man I shouldn’t have said that, now they totally think I’m gay.” or, JEEZE retard! Why did you just walk into this room, now everyone is staring.”

I know that these are rather common thought patterns. everyone has moments where they regret saying or doing things that were reckless… but my brain tends to take it to the next level. I start thinking I’m doing things or NOT doing things I should or shouldn’t do and I think I don’t REALIZE I’m doing or not doing these things because I’m not picking up on the sociological “hints” people give off… then I start to hyper analyze everything to the point that I start to see my OWN idiocies and I start to piss MYSELF off!!!

yeah… Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to be overly nice to my peanut buttered toast!

  3 Responses to “Paranoia…”

  1. So that’s why we’re friends we think alike.Now I understand…BTW…Love the picture!What will he think…is it going to offend him…this is stupid…I’ve said to much I will shut up now…

  2. Dude, your fucking insane! Those are not normal thought patterns. I don’t think about it if I walk into somewhere and people are looking at me…oh wait…thats cuz I want them too, I do need a fucking signature for this package after all…damn, does this mean I’m an attention whore? Wait, was that gay…shit!!!