Mar 242010

Well, I turned 33 on Friday. I don’t feel any different. I have said I feel better, but man I feel about birthdays like I feel about most holidays…they r just like any other day of the year.Its just another reminder that I am one year older  not dead.Some say that your thirties are the best years of your life…well that is yet to be proven a true statement. I have been thirty for 3 years now and I haven’t seen what’s sooo great about it.33 happy whooping birthday to me…

  7 Responses to “33 whooopeee”

  1. Happy b-day. Welcome to my age. I’ve been here since the end of July. 30′s r ok, just an age and a reminder that if shes under 25 she isn’t going to be interested…

  2. Well, thank U. u know i think that it is interesting being on the other side of 25 I find myself thinking why am I being overlooked ?Why is it that the 25 year olds who, unless they R “Coyote ugly”, getting all the attention?I am the one that is experienced, the one who is in the “same boat” and the one who unless U prove to be lazy,unmotivated, unreliable,unemployed,gay and/or well… r just an ass is likely to be given a chance. It seems that women in my bracket don’t even get that….

  3. I’m in the “NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL” bracket, so don’t feel that bad. Been single since ’98 and not even laid in over 2 yrs.

  4. So, what’s your story,if U don’t mind me asking?Why do U feel U fall into the “NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL” bracket?

  5. SAWEET!!!Thanks Rudepeople!Love it!I broke it.Go check your email for details,PLEASE!

  6. Um, did I mention single since ’98? Not laid for 2 yrs? Um, last 3 girls I asked out or even tried to get to know either ignored me, told me no, or made up someone else to b interested in over me.

  7. You’re just interested in the wrong girls. Your single,straight and working not to mention a sweet and thoughtful guy. Don’t give up hope, I haven’t…someone is bound to accept our demons, our flaws and find us irristable…okay I am shutting up now.