Mar 162010

On many occasions I have said that when I am angry I could spit nails, but I’m a dragon lady. I am so tired, frustrated,paranoid and twisted that I think that if I were indeed a dragon I could relieve all the stuff that has plagued my dreams and interrupted my sleep these last few months…I would just take a deep breath and everthing and everyone who comes across my path would be nothing but ash. Yep, nothing but ash.I’m tired of people telling me that I look good. How can I look good I HAVEN”T had a good night sleep in months!!I am convinced that what people are actually saying is: “You look like shit.” because you look good is an automatic response when you haven’t seen someone you haven’t seen in awhile and you don’t want to go through the whole how are u conversation. I suppose its the better alternative to being screamed at using various profane choice phrases like: Why the fuck do you care and what do you know you piece of shit. I am not a professional as my examples have stated, but guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck. Its just to bad I can’t cut to the chase and just turn them all to ash…especially those who ignore me(don’t really take time to SEE me) or try to get me to open up and I end up talking about shit w/o really knowing what the hell I’m talking about…like now…I NEED SLEEP DAMN IT!!!Is that to much to ask?

  5 Responses to “The post that started it all…”

  1. Take a cast iron frying pan to the side of the head and take an asprin in the morning, I promise, you’ll get sleep, but you’ll pay for it later!

    Btw, have you tried Tylinal PM or Excedrin PM? I use those occasionally. I’m sorry your not having a good time of it. If you want to hide, I offer my place as solice.

  2. I think that I am in trouble…now i hear various fuck usages everywhere and I laugh.Last night I was watching a mini seriees called The Pacific-its about World War II; which fasinates me. Anyway, fuck you was repeated numberous times and towards the end soldiers sang happy birthday to this kid who had just turned 18 and at the end they sang: “How fucked are you now?You’re surely fucked now.” The good news is I am feeling so muich better. Hopefully the sandman has finally found me…BTW Renfeld, what would we do if I came to hide out?

  3. Knowing Renfeld? watch movies and burnout on sweet tea!

  4. U got it.

  5. No sweet tea for me thanx but a movie sounds good…anything but Zombieland.