Mar 122010

I recently discovered that the f word can be therapeutic.Yes, you heard me right the f word the word that I once thought was a word that was an unitelligient, vulgar and otherwise offensive word. I was an angry, irritatable and frustrated dragon lady breathing fire whereever I went  and then it happened… I said: I don’t give a flying FAQ,I wrote I don’t give a flying FAQ,what the FAQ do you care and the fire disapated and I was as calm as a summer’s day. Who would of thunk?A calm dragon lady is a happy dragon lady…

  5 Responses to “the f word or the f bomb”

  1. That doesn’t surprise me at all! there are several articles out there about the therapeutic use of cursing. There is one in particular in which it was proven that swearing can actually dull pain!

    I cant find the actual article or study regarding pain but basically a group of students were forced to take a pain test silently. pain stimulus was generated until the pain was too great then reading taken. another group underwent the same pain inducing measures but were allowed to swear… the swearing lot was able to take MORE pain stimulus! there was of course a 3rd “control” group that could say whatever they wanted, but they COULDN’T swear… this group took more beating than the silent group, but LESS than the foul mouth group!

    In my humble unscientific opinion it has to do with sociological trauma. if you are hurting (emotionally or physically) you can distract your brain from that trauma by doing or saying something you know to be socially unacceptable.

    simplest terms: FUCK my life sucks… wait… now it sucks less because I’m aware that I just said FUCK… wait… I just said FUCK again… oops… hehe…

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  4. Nuf said…I think u said it much better than I ever could…hehehe.BTW…rudepeople, I want a picture d I do that?