Feb 262010

Since 2007 I have been throwing myself into work. I really have nothing else going on in my life. I have few friends, they know who they are, and I occasionally spend time with them. Well after a year of working from 6am to 4-6pm daily I was “fired” from the route I was doing. I of course was very angry about it but didn’t let it stop me from finding something else as quickly as possible. After less than a week I was hired on with another owner in the same job. When I started with him I still was working quite late and still starting quite early as well. In the last month I was put onto a route that requires far less time and have been wrapping everything up at the latest 3 or 3:30pm. This has allowed me to have an unpressidented amount of spare time that I have not had since I before I started working for DHL 5 yrs ago. I find myself at home, already bathed and having nothing to do for almost 10 hrs b4 I go to bed. This is nice in that I now have time to get things done that I have wanted to such as cleaning, arranging my USED parts store and some car audio projects I’ve put off for a couple years. Today for example, I was done, back to the station and ready to go home at 3pm. I didn’t leave till 3:30 cuz I was talking to Ryan and then I went home, did some computer stuff, took a shower and then went out for something to eat. So here I am typing this at 8:14pm and I have nothing to really do for the next two or 3 hrs. I simply don’t know what to do with myself and I also have the issue that I want to be around people but I can’t stand some of them so I still just stay home.
Basicly I’m saying, “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!” I’m loosing my fucking mind!!!
I need some small mindless games I can play on my computer like solitare, I’ve been playing that so much I would like to beat my head against the wall. Oh & Nic, I’m sorry, but Fallout 3 just simply bores the hell out of me.
Anyways, bah!