Feb 182010

Well I got my Archos 5 IT (500GB model) on monday… and I guess I should post a word or two about it…

First and formost; While Archos does make a mean PMP (protable Media Player for those not in the know), I find their customer support to be seriously lacking. First off, I placed my order last week–Monday the 8th to be precise. I waited for that day because when I TRIED to place the order the first time (Thursday the 4th) their site refused to sell me the device! Now lets take a moment and try to wrab our brains arround that one… Archos… didn’t want to take my money… yeah… Well suffice it to say, I called their support and went the rounds. Ultimately it was decided the problem lay in my address. You see I live in the middle of nowhere… literally. my town has a post office and a stop light… and that’s about it. You think I’m exaggerating, and I’m not. There literally is ONE friggin’ stop light in my town. Due to the rather “remote” nature of my domicile, my address does not validate against my credit card! I kid you not!

Well, frustrated as I was, I really can’t fault Archos for my living arrangements, so I let it go and planned to have a friend (living in a validated address) place the order for me. but this had to wait. When I placed the order, fail or not, Archos requested the money from my bank, who kindly placed the funds into “hold”. This means the money is still TECHNICALLY in my account… but not. I have had this happen before, and as anyone who has placed an order online knows, after a few days the money will “clear”–meaning it will either leave my account, or go back in. I, of course, expected it to return to my balance… yeah…

And that’s where the fun started. A week after my attempt to purchase goods failed the money did not return to my account… my eyebrow raised a bit. I called Archos for answers and LO! as I am on hold for their support line, I get an e-mail, “Your order has been processed and shipped”. Doubaya-tee-FSCK?!? Turns out, due to a glitch in their software, regardless of the refusal, my order processed… this of course made me nervous… I live in the middle of nowhere… where exactly did the UPS guy plan to deliver my very expensive new toy?!?

Well, customer relations not withstanding, I got my Archos. and I have had it for several days now. So what do I think of this little toy? Well… It’s a brick… and by that, I mean that it is heavy, thick, with cube-like qualities, and if I had a thousand of them, I’m pretty sure I could build a wall that could keep out the Persians.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this thing… I just don’t like the fact I have to really secure my belt or it will pull my pants off just laying in my pocket.

Still there is something to be said for the ability to literally carry my entire music and video collection with me where ever I go. That 500 gigs really comes in handy.

I’ll have to post more after I’ve had it a while… we’ll see if I continue to enjoy it.

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