Feb 062010

The modern generation of scientists are RETARDED!!! in every sense of the word.

As implied by the title, I am not a scientist. but I AM a realist. I look at my surroundings, I make simple observations in what I consider to be the “small scale” (literal interactions within the world I can perceive).  I then listen to the observations of scientists who look at the “large scale” (literal interactions in the universe which I can not perceive).

Now I know that with some degree of accuracy, scientist know what they are doing. they really do. Unfortunately they forget that it is contrary to their function to make hypotheses before ALL the data is considered.

I am going to make 2 points here and I am NEVER going to speak of them again.

Dark Matter

At some point the scientific community forgot what this meant. Dark Matter, simply put, is matter we are unable to see. there is nothing mystical about dark matter, so far as we know dark matter is nothing more than regular matter that we simply can’t FIND! To get a better understanding of what exactly dark matter is, one need mere look at the periodic table of elements… chances are, dark matter is composed of most–if not ALL–those little letters you remember from junior high science class!

Looking at it another way. lets imagine for a moment, a little ways into our galaxy, may be only a few hundred lightyears away from our own little blue marble, there is a civilization much like our own. Now let’s imagine a scientist on that planet is looking through his telescope at our star (Sol). He may be asking himself, “why is that star moving like that… it looks like it’s wobbling… like something is orbiting it.” He would make his calculations of the mass that would be required to make Sol wobble like it does and he’d come to the conclusion that something with mass and weight–specifically the mass and weight of the collective planets, moons, asteroids, and other debris that we are aware of is orbiting that distant star. does he know what is orbiting our star? Nope! but he’d have a calculation of the cumulative mass of everything in our solar system and he’d make the assumption that there’s something there. Eventually he’d probably call it “unknown matter”, or “invisible matter”, or “dark matter”!

Guess what, that’s right! dark matter is regular matter. There is nothing special (that we know of) about it!

Now I realize that I have to qualify something here; it is possible that there are elements out there that we are not presently aware of, and true it is possible that there may be matter out there with a 100% light absorption value making it truly “dark matter”. This argument is not whether or not some element that can be called what the sci-fi community calls “dark matter” really exists or not. This argument is that what people are calling “dark matter” is simply normal matter that can’t be observed using normal observation methods.

Simplest words: the universe is chock full of rocks. lots and lots of rocks. in fact there are probably more rocks than there are giant balls of burning gas.


I face palmed pretty hard today… I read a “paper” by a schmuck calling himself a scientist… and unfortunately this particular schmuck has the backing of the vast majority of the scientific community. I don’t wish to besmirch his name because most of his work in particle physics (I say most) happens to be pretty impeccable. but this particular piece was pure and simple speculation. And it has been taken to heart by the scientific community at large.

ok… black holes are super massive objects which excert enough gravity as to be able to alter the path of travel of the smallest particles of matter. I am of course referring to their ability to “bend light”. I do not prefer this terminology because it oversimplifies what light is to the point it can easily cause confusion.

The point I wish to make is that when you observe light passing near to a black hole, that light (which is basically hyper-microscopic particles that travel really frikin’ fast) is acted upon by the super gravity well which alters both the speed and trajectory of the light. This phenomenon is both observable and measurable! I would like to referance Einstein’s cross.

The image (courtesy wikipedia) above is a direct observation of the phenomenon called “Einstein’s Cross”. It is what happens when the light from a star–which is located on the other side of a massive object–passes around another star or massive object  and is bent such that it generates multiple “false images” of the original star. what you see above is 2 stars, the one in the middle has pulled on the light traveling arround it and focused that light at us causing it to appear as several clustered stars.

Taking this observation to the extreme, what would light do if it encountered the super gravity field of a black hole? well, it would probably do the same thing as the Einstein Cross, only it would obviously do more. I’d bet the photons in that light stream would speed up as they entered the gravity field, assisted by it. Then as they approached the apex of the gravity field moments before they began their ascent out of the field, they’d probably resume their natural speed. And finally they’d probably slow back down as they pressed through the gravity field and back out. In addition to this speed change they’d obviously also change course, pulled by the gravity. Most of the heavier, slower photons (these would be the visible light spectrum) would fall into the supermassive object. while the lighter, faster photons (Like x-rays) would alter course, but still escape to be observed by our x-ray and radio telescopes.

Now you may ask, what does this have to do with “space-time?” Simply this: all too often scientist romanticize over the possibility of “time” being a function they can manipulate. They try to find connections with things they can already measure. I am speaking, or course, of the imposed correlation between space and time, and more pointedly, gravity.

At some point in scientific history, several–unrelated–scientific observations were mashed together to make sense of the speed of light. unfortunately this mash-up was never UN-mashed. Years of tooling around with this mess of theories and observations has given birth to the mutated theory called “space-time”. Don’t ask me how this mutated distinction came to be. I can tell you. I KNOW how it happened. I simply don’t have the time to write it out. Maybe in another post.

I am going to say this once. I know it’s true. real scientists know it’s true. and even you, dear reader, know it’s true. Unfortunately no one wants to admit it. The rudepeople conjecture:


There is no time travel. There never will be. There is no time dilation. There never will be. There is the distortion of the measurement of observation generated by gravity and distance. NOTHING MORE.

When a scientist attempts to make a connection between Black Holes, Dark matter, and “looking through time”… it makes me want to plant a 1.5 oz lead seed wrapped in .5 oz copper foil in my brain… at high velocity.

Final remarks

I know it is possible that scientists understand all this and that is it I who have misunderstood them. I know that it is possible that the scientific community is well aware of the true nature of time as I have come to understand it. And I also know that it is possible that it is the public at large who have mistaken and misconstrued theory to mean something it doesn’t.

But if I am mistaken, then why are they still calling it “space-time”? And why do I get the feeling that the scientific community at large truly believes that “dark matter” is some kind of super-dense, light absorbing matter?

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