Jan 272010

I have been eagerly anticipating getting a touchbook from Allways Innovating. Well, they failed me because it was supposed to be out June of ’09. Instead I was just notified via email that my preorder was not going to be honored because my cc info wasn’t correct. At this point I just decided it was a moot point because I had already purchased a Gateway Netbook, so other than the touch and the various options I had in mind for the device I didn’t need it.
There have been rumors flying around for several years about Apple putting out a tablet themselves, as of today it has become official. The iPad from Apple was announced and displayed for the press today. I am rather impressed with it, but not particularly by the software options. You have to use iTunes to sync it to your computer and the fact that it does not have flash expandable memory makes it’s usefullness very limited. From what I could see there are no usb ports so there is no possibility of adding adtl hdd space with an external drive. There is wifi and bluetooth but no expandability and I find that a deal breaker.
This thing starts out costing $499 with 16gb storage with no 3G. If you want 3G add $130. At this point they are only offering up to a full laptop price of $829 with 3G.
Although this is an amazing advance and I would like to have a Star Trek “pad”, there is still no way I will ever pay the price or be stupid enough to use the iTunes software on my computer.
The sources links will provide more info and pics.

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  5 Responses to “Out Treked by Apple…wtf!?!”

  1. Yeah… I’ll be honest here, I saw it coming… Apple GETS the concept of building a pretty device. Their engineers can make hardware that will simply BLOW anything else out of the water. case-in-point the itouch is one of the only devices out there that employs a capacitive tough screen. This makes the screen more durable and easier to work with. It ALSO enables multi-touch, these are things that almost no one else out there use and as a result most other tech seems lacking in comparison. Add to that the fact that few can deny that Apple devices LOOK pretty standing next to comparable devices (go ahead, set an iphone next to any model HTC and TELL me the HTC looks better)

    However, dispite their incredible ability to build a good LOOKING device, they just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that people would like to use something OTHER than their proprietary apps as media sources. also they just can’t fathom that people may ALREADY OWN some music or videos and they’d like to CONTINUE USING THEM!

    Meh… apple will never curry favor with me. As far as I’m concerned their toxicity to their users regarding DRM places them in the same playing field as Sony… and we ALL know how I feel about Sony… right?

  2. that is… so… wrong… yet, I’m pretty sure apple will eventually do it.

    BTW: @Renfeld: to embed use the “code” tags and insert the embed link from the source. I fixed it for you.