Dec 312009

I’m getting SO tired of people complaining about a certain PC manufacturer because their PC was “broken out of the box”… Normally, i’d just let it go, but recently I have begun to realize almost every time these people are complaining because their OEM install of Vista or Windows 7 came pre-bundled with a ton of bloatware that renders their PC virtually unusable.

I came to the philosophy a long time ago; if you aren’t capable or willing to wipe and reinstall your OS out of the box (regardless if it’s windows or Linux), then you should never be allowed to own a PC. it’s that simple.

Far too many end users assume that it is a PC manufacturers obligation to provide and support an OS, it’s not! Most OEM manufactures provide an Operating system as a courtesy. In truth, the OS is a separate beast from the hardware, complete with it’s own separate legal rules and obligations… allow me this example: I buy a DVD player from Fries and the sales rep tosses in the demo DVD from their floor/demo unit… should I complain that it’s just a demo DVD? no, I should stop being cheep and get an f-ing netflicks account already!