Nov 232009

Being the resident nerd and pirate here in the middle of nowhere, I often get called upon to assist the locals in their piracy needs.

Earlier this week, I was presented a copy of <popular movie title here> and asked to create a *koff kauff* perfectly legal backup copy of a legally obtained movie for personal archiving and storage purposes *cough*.

Needless to say, I began with the usual suspects; DVD43, DVD shrink and DVD decrypt. Fail. every time I plugged the disk in the loaner PC I have running Winblows would fail epically and “forget” it even had a DVD in the drive. I tried defeating CSS with VLC and DVDrip. I even threw some handbreak at it and this disk just would not bend! Finally, after several fruitless hours trying to beat back the riaa spawned CSS key, I blamed Microsoft for their epically bad OS and moved on to my native Linux

once the disk was happily spinning in my lappy, I rightclicked on the DVD symlink on my desktop to invoke k9copy, and what did I spot? “Copy DVD” beamed at me from the middle of the menu. “Could it be that simple?” I asked myself as I clicked…

Yes. Yes it can.

I love you Linux.

  4 Responses to “Can it really be that simple?”

  1. That’s funny.

    It’s ironic how some things are so mind-haltingly easy in one OS (pick one), and brain-bleedingly difficult in another (pick another). It goes both ways, depending on the task.

    By the way, I just made up those two terms on the fly, “mind-haltingly” and “brain-bleedingly”. I get a quarter every time someone uses them (unless you figure out how to break my copy protection).

  2. It lives!! Its to bad life isn’t always that simple…U know swap one life that isn’t giving U the results U want for one that would do it gladly.

  3. Didn’t that fail? As in, a 20 gig file that wouldn’t play? Update your shit!

  4. Doesn’t breaking your copy protection involve breaking your fingers?