Nov 232009

Being the resident nerd and pirate here in the middle of nowhere, I often get called upon to assist the locals in their piracy needs.

Earlier this week, I was presented a copy of <popular movie title here> and asked to create a *koff kauff* perfectly legal backup copy of a legally obtained movie for personal archiving and storage purposes *cough*.

Needless to say, I began with the usual suspects; DVD43, DVD shrink and DVD decrypt. Fail. every time I plugged the disk in the loaner PC I have running Winblows would fail epically and “forget” it even had a DVD in the drive. I tried defeating CSS with VLC and DVDrip. I even threw some handbreak at it and this disk just would not bend! Finally, after several fruitless hours trying to beat back the riaa spawned CSS key, I blamed Microsoft for their epically bad OS and moved on to my native Linux

once the disk was happily spinning in my lappy, I rightclicked on the DVD symlink on my desktop to invoke k9copy, and what did I spot? “Copy DVD” beamed at me from the middle of the menu. “Could it be that simple?” I asked myself as I clicked…

Yes. Yes it can.

I love you Linux.