Aug 232009

I remember the spam days of “enlarge your pen1s” or “free cial1s”… that was when spam made sense, they are trying to sell you something. Usually just junk–but at least they had SOME method of extracting cash from you! Like professor Mumbai from Zimbabwe, or the rich prince from South Africa! They had a story to sell! it usually cost you the contents of your bank account, but hey! That’s spam!

These new spam bots… I don’t know… It’s like they just stopped caring, and just spam for the sake of spamming! has had its host of Spam-bots, like flirtygirl420, and Littlevannessalikesboys. We had some good times with them! Remember when flirtygirl and littlevannessa got shoved into a chat room together? We all laughed when they repeatedly exchanged popup-riddled pron links… over and over… and over…

Remember the fun we had with Freeonlinegambler? he was a blast. I remember this one time; I set an auto filter to bounce his spam mail back at him. It was so funny to see him auto-reply to my auto-replies… it took 4 hours before the e-mail stopped… I guess those 3MB hotmail accounts get full pretty quick.


But these new Spambots… like xuji<phlem>hgt… yeah… I guess those Indian spam-bot builders have trouble spelling “bill”. And it’s no fun when they never reply to your e-mails… like the sweet old lady in Iraq with the fortune for me… she didn’t reply… after the twentieth response… I guess these scammers just aren’t as persistent as they used to be! Well, flirtygirl and Littlevannessa stopped spamming each other, the professor got shot in a mugging gone wrong, and the sweet little old lady in Iraq installed Norton antivirus and discovered she was actually a pimply faced teen boy in the UK… and freeonlinegambler apparently died of consumption. So I guess we’re stuck with the NEXT generation of spamming engines…

I miss the logic-less spambots… you know the ones… THEY could formulate a FUNCTIONAL popup-riddled spam link… what’s this “” crap, and since when is “http://%;/casinoaddress…” a legitimate link?!? These spammers now a days have no idea how to gank someone’s credit accounts, nor how to PROPERLY infiltrate a bank account! I guess they just aren’t in it for the money anymore… but if that’s the case, what ARE they in it for?!? Have they managed to epically enlarge their pen1s’s to the point they cant reach the keyboard?!? Are they too doped out on cial1s they can’t type coherent sentences?!?

Boy, I miss the good old days.


Oh well.

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