Jun 142009

Ok, I had a conversation with Renfeld the other day about my super-human ability to find and focus on the flaws in technology… It went down something like this:

Renfeld: You complain a lot.
IcoNyx: Yeah, but it’s just so frustrating how companies out there aim to create things with so much potential only to ruin it at the last minute.
Renfeld: you shouldn’t complain so much.
IcoNyx: But everything SUCKS!
Renfeld:You complain a lot.

I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty much how it went…

So during the conversation, at some point an analogy came out that was REALLY funny… I’d kinda like to replicate the idea in the form of a short film… but seeing as how I lack the needed manpower/equipment, I’ll just have to settle for telling you the idea…

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Jun 102009

EDIT: ok, I revoke my original statement, Fedora 11 sucks…

Ok, I finally got to install Fedora 11 this week… I like it… but you know me,I HAVE to complain…

First and foremost; This is the bestest fedora edition EVAR!!!
Right off, my bluetooth headset pairs and WORKS, UNIVERSALLY, OUT OF THE FRIGGEN BOX!!!1 I about had a friken heart attack when I saw that… that has been the LAST THING preventing me from settling on a distro!!! yeah… they added crap to make me hate it.

now for the flaws… there are two… many, MANY annoying/logic defying flaws… yeah… first though my bluetooth headset paired and worked without issue… it was stuck on HSP. now for the layman, with bluetooth audio equipment you have several “profiles” these profiles determine the type of hardware you are using, if you have one of those cheepy in ear headsets intended for cell phone use, HSP is great because it is intended for mono sound, quick burst broadcasts. IE: sounds like crap. A2DP, is the profile intended for higher end headsets that have BOTH ear pieces (For stereo sound) and is considered Hi definition audio.

So basically, I had use of the headset… but it sounded HORRIBLE!

Now this leads to the second (of MANY) flaw… Fedora developers are chicken-sh*t. they are so scared of lawsuits they strip out MUCH of the needed content from the OS to protect themselves from the litigious ass-tards in the world who would sue them for including some piece of closed source software.

what does this mean? Well right off, the screen looks bad because they can’t use the Nvidia video drivers. I cant play MP3s (not that I would with the craptacular HSP profile. and most (if not all) webcontent is disabled because they refuse to include a flashplayer!


there is a reason I am sticking with fedora 11… While the developers DID hack out some great apps… they left them ACCESSIBLE! BROKEN AS CRAP So, all I had to do was OPEN an MP3 and it automatically searched for, downloaded, and installed–not just the Lame/MP3 codec but it also installed most of the codecs I could think of for BOTH audio and video playback at once!!! Then it did the same thing every time I played another file… over and over… “hey, I need to install these codecs…” every fraken time… GHA!!! INSTALL IT ALREADY!!! It’s funny when it asks to install the MP3 playback codec, WHILE playing the song it supposedly CAN’T play!

To fix my little flash problem, all I had to do was open a page (this one actually) and fedora auto prompted to install the flash player (though this one was not so smooth, I was able to get through it OK) and finally, a quick install/config of pavucontrol, and my headset is now happily playing Take Over Me by Evanescence with crystal clear sound… I Must also note, that with this one minor alteration, my laptop now handles my hardware BETTER than all versions of windows, on ALL levels… the last thing to fix was a2dp, and with the auto pair, connect, and output options means that switching from speakers to headset is as clean as turning them on! you can’t do that even in Windows 7!!! Yeah… still going to agree with this one… hardware works… software doesn’t


First, I cant use networking; In TSclient, I have to MANUALLY enter all my rdp server config files, and even then it’s intermittantly functional, I can’t browse Windows Networks… it sees them, but I have to MANUALLY enter all SMB locations… not even remotely cool. Searching for remote networks in hit or miss, and connection time to secure networks is painfully slow.

Next on my hitlist: Ext4 killed my data!!! I started a manual transfer of a batch of files from my NAS and most (if not all) copied with 0kb data… IE: all corrupt files. Now I know that I can reformat with ext3, but since Ext4 is default and they are pushing it, it’s a flaw, I don’t care who you are, or how much you like it, it sucks.

My Video drivers are borked, I tried to use the “neuveau” driver they use… yeah… no 3D support, so I tried to install the nV driver from livna/rpmfusion… fail. that driver only half worked but the large font problem reared it’s ugly head and I couldn’t fix it!!!

so yeah… after all that and realizing that though fedora offered to install needed packages (not installed by default) it KEEPS telling me it needs to install the packages… so every time I open an MP3 it tells me it needs to install Liblame!!! really annoying.

Yeah… rebranding this one… WORST RELEASE EVAR!!!

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