Apr 202009

You can never beat the rush of configuring a wireless internet connection from a base install of Arch linux using nothing more than the install cd and your own knowledge of the Linux command consol!

Guess what operating system, I’m running NOW!!!

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  1. NOTE: Arch Linux installs without a gui, so before anyone starts off with “configuring Wifi is easy” think again. I repeat, ARCH LINUX DOES NOT HAVE A GUI. you have to isntall one AFTER you install the OS…

  2. heh… I just realized somthing… I’m running a CLI based OS on my LAPTOP… and I haven’t lost a single bit of functionality!

    I have DVDcss installed with mplayer (a CLI based media player) so I can play my DVDs and Mplayer already has a massive codec library allowing me to play all my existing media library.

    I have lynx installed so I have a proper web browser… granted I don’t have Flash support in it, but I also have xfree86 and Opera installed so I can launch any GUI app I want when I want to… and opera has the flash and java plugins already so I’m good there…

    hehe… I guess I’m using a command prompt to “hide my illegal activities”!

    Oh! and I’m using File system encryption so all those door booting retards can storm my house all they want… by the time they crack the encryption and learn what illegal activities I’ve been up to, either the statute of limitations will be up, OR my activities will no longer be considered illegal!

    hehehe… forgive me a girlish giggle.

  3. Nerd.

    When are you going to come up and visit so we can go shooting? Don’t you have any electronics you want to put a bullet through? Don’t you have any electronics you want to put many bullets through? :)

  4. I’ve been itching to open up my Mini-14, ever since I got that new magazine for Christmas…

  5. By “open up” I mean shoot a lot.

  6. hehe: shooting… silly redneck-nerd. OOH!!! NEW POST!!!



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