Apr 192009

I can’t wait until some idiot cop decides to storm my house looking for contraband!

Unfortunately for the legal system, I have enough foundation knowledge to know that if the day that comes I find myself computer-less, post assault and seizure, there will be many a lawman lacking in employment, and several companies will be set back a few years.

You see, I will openly admit the following: I break copyright law.

That’s right! I admit it!!! But you see the problem therein lies with HOW I break the law…

I OWN a copy of two seasons of Stargate SG1 (the TV series), the Stargate movie (the ORIGINAL movie), and several other DVDs I have procured over the years… now for the fun part, did you know it is ILLEGAL for me to simply watch these movies? It’s true! I am not allowed by copyright to play the movies I have paid good hard American cash to have the privilege to watch! does that seem right to you?

You see I don’t run windows, I am ANTI-windows. I refuse to pay a dime to that worthless excuse of a crap-company, Microsoft. Ironically there is no such thing as a DVD player for Linux! So in order to play MY DVDs, I have to install a program codec called DVDcss. This is basically the decoding software needed to read the DVD through the encryption. In order to play the movies I have paid for… unfortunately DVDcss is somehow illegal in the united states! I have to break the law… does that seem fair?

Now it is argued that viewing legally obtained DVDs with DVDcss will never come up in court… but therein lies the problem, I am NOT just guilty of using DVDcss, I also use w32codecs, so I can play the simple videos sent to me by my friends and family… these videos are mostly unlicensed so legal for me to play… but to play them I have to use a licensed codec that had to be reverse engineered! add to that the modified flash player, wine binaries, and the 8 odd gigs of MP3s I’m doomed for the big house!

Now, all of my digital possessions were legitimately obtained! I have a full suite of Microsoft Applications, all obtained from Microsoft directly (Via an MSDN account I once had) My programs came packaged with my hardware, and most if not all my MP3s came strait from a batch of music CDs I myself–or my previous wife–purchased! Unfortunately the original cds have become scratched or damaged or lost, I don’t keep COAs as they are difficult to manage and maintain, and no, I don’t have receipts… per the MPAA I no longer have the right to play my music, watch my movies, or install ANY of my applications!… is this fair? no.

I am fairly certain the day I am arrested my case would open the door to counter suit after counter suit, as countless others like me retaliate against the MPAA–among other companies–that would pave the way for the demise of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

You see, like you, the judge would have to consider his own media library… the same library I’m sure he has paid a fairly hefty sum for… same with the Jury. I guarantee every one of them have media that the MPAA would consider illegal to possess… how do you think they would find? I’m not a criminal, I’m a good person, I pay my taxes, I pay for products that are WORTH paying for. so why should I have to pay a SERVICE fee for a PRODUCT?!?

MPAA: your days are numbered. Mark my words, you will press this until the people scream enough, then you will die on the very sword you have been so diligently forging.

Would it be easy? nah, I’d be computer-less for a while… but man, it would be SO worth it.

NOTE: yes, likefood, this means I no longer use/possess illegal software, all that I found usable I have paid for and all I find useless, I tossed. My “krackware” directory is now empty.

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  1. Here’s a few of my thoughts…

    No law encorcement officer will kick down your door without announcing themself first (http://www.claytoncramer.com/gundefenseblog/2009_04_01_archive.html#5329374183345079948). And the constitution forbids unreasonable searches and seizures (so don’t give any a reason).

    I thought VLC worked in Linux, too… it’s what I use to play any DVD (in Windohs).

    I read recently on Google news) that the RIAA is backing off. They’ve proved their point, so to speak, and they’ve found out the hard way that it’s not financially feasible to go after anyone except the biggest distributors (not collectors).

    I’m trying to keep my lappy hackware-free as well. However, there are two questionable points to consider…

    First is music streams. It’s entirely legal to record music/TV off the airwaves for personal use (because the stations pay royalties on everything they play). But, what about streams? (that’s rhetorical) The way I see it, if the people who run the stream are paying royalties also, I see nothing wrong with it (as long as what I record really is for me, and not a friend or something). So, I’m going to keep recording something occasionally off Pandora or Rhapsody.

    The second point is sandboxing. I use Sandboxie to run programs I’m uncertain about. I also use it to circumvent time restrictions on functional demo programs (the kind that say, “you only have 30 more days before you need to pay us for this lame piece of junk,” or the kind that say, “you can only use this 5 more times”). Basically, Sandboxie allows me to defy the programmers’ wish to get money out of me (for a full version). I don’t yet have a solid opinion on this practice, and I’ll keep doing it until I find a reason not to.

    This is twice now that my keyboard has given me a little static electric shock… good, ol’ Lappy keeps on chugging away regardless.

    By the way, I delved into TrueCrypt a little while ago for a similar reason as you have expressed. I figured “the guh’ment” couldn’t prove I had anything ilicit if they couldn’t find it in my possession (if the data was all encrypted). Then I discovered that Windoh’s hibernation feature is disabled when you encrypt the OS volume, and I started to cry like a little girl. So I decrypted everything back to normal. Now I don’t care who knows that I have something. The only thing on my Lappy that I would prefer no one in the world to see are some shiny photos of Mrs. Likefood (those, my friend, ARE in a TrueCrypt volume). Otherwise, I no longer care.

    And I don’t care if the guh’ment eavesdrops on all of my phone calls and emails. Heck, I wouldn’t care if they implanted a mic and transmitter in my tooth (as long as I didn’t feel any pain from it while eating). They already have enough information on me to know that I’m not worth their time.


  2. About:VLC > No, VLC does not decrypt DVDs by default… you need three things to play a file–ANY file, a cypher, a codec, and a player.

    The cypher decrypts the media, if DRM has been implemented–which is on almost all media now-a-days. This is a necessary step to make the media readable, if the cyp-her does not have a valid key then the file can’t be decrypted. most encryption uses a data stability algorithm… basically, if the wrong cypher is used the data becomes unstable and appears corrupt to the OS. this is the STANDARD cypher type used in DVDs.

    The codec decodes and decompresses the media into a binary stream readable by the player. Media formats are simply binary audio and/or video streams that have been compressed and placed in a container. the compression is simple, in audio you take a regular binary wav file and compress it using any desired compression algorythm (typically the compression used is a variation of mpeg) then the newly compressed file is “zipped” into a container, this is the basis for any audio file–MP3s, WMAs, and OGGs. the only real differance between the container types is the level of compression and the container used… much like the differance between zip, tar, and rar.

    The last part is the player, the player is unintelegent, all it can do is take a data stream from the codec and pipe it to your video and/or audio driver(s). the only added functionality of a media player is the ability to “referance”, “tag”, and “library” a stream. these are functions that allow you to get all the fun “features” of the media, such as fast-forward, pause, and rewind, and other things like Media tags–which contain media information such as artist, genre, song title, and such.

    In the case of VLC, the codecs and player are bundled (as with most media players) but the cypher is NOT included. in order to get a DVD to play in VLC you have to have a cypher, even in windows. at some point you have to installed the cypher… now the cypher for DVD playback is EASY to come by, if you have EVER put a Disney DVD in your computer, for instance, then the intervideo player probably auto starts from the disk, this player includes the cypher in an unencrypted part of the disk and installs it automatically. there are other DVD makers that do that as well.

  3. That all sounds very technical and convincing, so I’m not going to argue. Yet, I will say this: I’ve never installed any other codecs or players since the last time I installed XP. I don’t know what to tell you. I install VLC and all my worries disappear.

  4. VLC even mows my lawn and makes koolaid when we run out.

  5. yes, yes, vlc is a nice mediaplayer… now be a good little nerd and go play math.