Apr 152009

Likefood, this ones for you. I have one file that works and two that do not. Is there a way to tell wether the two are lost for good or is there a way that I can try to recover them(I”m getting error messages)?

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  1. Email me the files. If they’re fixable, I’ll fix them for you.

    Are you using Bookshell 3 or BSx?

    If you need my email address, get it from IcoNyx.

  2. Just thought I would publicly thank likefood for his help with my countless Book Shell issues that are no more, for the moment anyway. I not only was able to import other files I was able to add some inspired additions to my current database. So thank you likefood, you are GENIUS!

  3. Essentially, a database is just a file with information organized in a certain non-linear way. You only need to know how the data is organized in order to gain access to it. When the nerds at M$ invented the .Net Framework, they included that information. So you don’t necessarily need M$ Access to read an Access database. Basically, my program asks the framework to do all the reading and writing, and it takes care of it. Also, the framework knows how to handle other kinds of databases, too. I chose the Access type with this program because it was easy to use M$ Access to fix my programming mistakes during development. The limited-functionality Linux version of BSx (in a coma right now) uses a SQLite database instead (thanks to Mono’s support for SQLite). And I’m working on a journal-type program that uses a SQLServer database. It’s all based on circumstance.

    Tell IcoNyx to visit me so we can go shooting. :)

    (not really, I’m too busy with homework these days)

  4. Ya both have to take a break some time. Either that or become fried eggs heads.