Apr 122009

Hello world, today I’d like to introduce a friend of DailyDFFR.net.

Meet Stiffy the un-dead Squirrel…

Stiffy takes a "nap"

No, Stiffy’s not dead. Stiffy can’t die! you see, stiffy’s already done that!

Stiffy spends his days run– er, lying arround, in parks, under car tires, and burrying his nuts.

So if you see Stiffy, just remember, he’s not dead! he’s just waiting for the squirrel-zombie apocalypse.

  5 Responses to “Meet Stiffy!”

  1. Mehr he’s coming fer yer nuts mehr!

  2. Do zombie sqirrels feed on the nuts of the living?…

    What about whistle-pigs?… they eat their own dead already…


  3. That picture reminds me of this one:


  4. So, we should be worried about impending Whistle-pig/Squirrel-zombie uprising?!?

  5. Well, I know that whistle-pigs make a certain high pitched squeeling noise followed by a popping sound when you run them over, so unless they can do some serious reconstruction…not likely….but keep the waffle stompers and shovels at the ready. This reminds me of the Wierd Al song, “It’s Weasle Stomping Day”. Heh!