Mar 272009

You know? It’s been a REALLY long time since I was actually excited about linux… up untill today, it was just something I used… Don’t get me wrong, that by no means suggests I actually was bored with linux. Judgeing by the alternatives I was basically pleasuring my PC as compaired to the virual infections they call Windows and Mac OS…

Sorry for the image there folks… it’s what I do. deal with it.

But tonight, I decided to knuckle down and install Debian again…

In the past, I have been loathed to do this task because while Debian is a clean and smooth OS, it take more lovein’ than my original analogy claimed! Debian requires finnessing that no ordinary Linux nerd can muster, and on a laptop… well, let’s just say you gotta be surgical about that beast!

But I did it… I took the day and installed debian, beginning to end, and I gotta say it, I am actually pleased as punch with the results! My little Lappy has never run so hapily… I can almost hear it’s little hard drive gleefully puttering arround with itself! Startup is quick, Wifi is clean and actually connection times and latency are MUCH better… I must say, Debian, you have done me proud… again…

Well, I know now, SOMEONE will point out my appearent drifting love affair with multiple OS’s and I now feel the need to point out the fact that I have two Hard drives for Hermes here… one for testing and one for USING… Debian is now on my USING drive… testing will probably keep mint for a month or two more before I nuke it… Frankly Mint is the SECOND best Linux distro out there, and if you are starting out, instlal Mint… just MAKE SURE YOU ALSO INSTALL OPERA!!! Mint’s version of Firefox if crap. also opera has their own tech support group that specialize in Linux… frankly it’s the first Omni-platform browser that actually works!

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  1. You’re such a drama queen! Don’t worry though,it’s what I love most about you. At least your passionate about something.

  2. Now on to the latest news, he decided he was pissed off with debian and is going back to mint.

  3. Every OS sucks… without exception…

    Mint has their craptastic google hijack that fails.

    Debian has their worthless “support community” where they mute you and ban you for pointing out the fact the gcc link is pointing to an invallid version and thus causes ALL kernel modules to fail or break spectacularly.

    Fedora has insufficient bluetooth support, is bloated, and no GDM management interface… nor choice of GDM.

    Suse has a worthless package management system that can break the OS.

    and windows… is the most chewy peanut in the microsoft turd.

  4. Now on to the latest news, he decided he was pissed off with (insert Linux distro here) and is going back to (insert some other Linux distro here).

    He changes his distro more often than I offer to take him shooting out in the desert.

    IcoNyx, pick a distro and be content. If every OS sucks, what good are you doing by just bouncing around? Pick the one that sucks the least (or at least sucks in ways that won’t bug you as bad as others), and leave it there! Just think of the cool stuff you could get done if you weren’t always nuking an OS in favor of another OS you’ll just nuke later!

  5. Dude… really?

    the domain name says it all!!!

    Daily D(ebug) F(disk) F(ormat) R(einstall) .net – IE: REINSTALL DAILY!

    HulloOOoo!!! :P

  6. Well, that offer to take him out into the desert. Is that to shoot other things or to take him out of his misery? Just asking…*avoid Nics family*-note to self…