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Ok, I feel the need to preface this with the following: I am a bigotted racist jerk.

There. that’s out of the way. Now allow me to explain; I hate ubuntu… no, I LOATHE ubuntu. you know why? The name and color scheme That’s right, I hate the OS because of the color of its interface!

I have no idea why this is such a big hang up for me. I have installed ubuntu and I find that the OS itself is a highly organized, incredibly functional OS that has done GREAT things with the Linux name and community. But the makers had to go and Africanize the beast with their “for the people” crap, then smear it with color schemes that make me think “third-world turd”… it REALLY bugs me and I will NEVER get over it.

Seriously, Canonical, what were you thinking? Did you not learn from the whole honey bee fiasco?!? Africanized things are NOT A GOOD THING!!!

Hey, I know, lets make a new OS, an awesome OS! OK, what do we call it? Something tech friendly? HELL NO! lets go all ghetto and call it something that came from the sphincter of the planet! and hey while we’re at it, lets smear it with poo!!! Yeah, people like crappy things! that’s why Microsoft is doing so well!

Stupid ubuntu…

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  1. You are not alone.

    That is precisely why I refuse to use it (coloring and politics). I’ve used ubuntu only twice in my life… the first time was because I didn’t know anything about it. The second time was because I wanted credit for an OS class at ITT.

    Other than that, I try to pretend I don’t see/hear/smell it at all… kind of like the fart at the black-tie gathering… :)

  2. I love it… “like the fart at the black-tie gathering”. hehe…

    But now I have to stir things up a bit… while someone pooed out ubuntu, someone else took the shat out source-code, mixed it with some good ol’ home town nitrates, dropped in a seed, and grew a pretty nifty OS; Mint Linux.

    It’s basically ubuntu, minus the turd kernels.

    I like it… neato thing here, I posted this comment WHILE INSTALLING IT!!! That ranks pretty high on the awesome-stuff-o-meter on several levels! First, the installer disk (which is a CD and not a DVD… or five DVDs like it’s parent OS, Debian) is both a live distro–complete with a plethora of diagnostic tools should you find the need, desktop installer tool, fully functional desktop–AND Live installation media (meaning you can do other things to entertain you WHILE it’s installing to your hard drive). It also recognizes my wireless hardware (SOMETHING NO OTHER LIVE DISTRO DOES) thus making this thing the most functional installer I have EVER seen… EVER.

    I like it… and now, I shall take it as my own… and love it, and pet it, and call it George… hehe… mMm! Minty!

  3. I’ll give it a shot… If I like it, it will receive the coveted I-won’t-delete-the-ISO award.

  4. Thanks for the video help!I feel like a bit of a tard though.I mean its right THERE(some do have the embedded diabled;however, its still right there!)!What am I blind? Don’t answer that. How ya been? I’m right in the middle of a suckfest right now; however, I can get though it. I’ve gotten through A LOT worse! Thanks again!