Feb 192009

Well it appears to be that time again… you know… when I start to flip through the Linux world in search of a new distro… I do this from time to time.

I just noticed Debian has come out with a new release… v5, they’re calling it lenny (oddly appropriate) so I’ve kicked off a VM install… we’ll see how things look on the USABILITY side before we dive in.

Last time I installed Debian I had a few issues;

For starters, I HAD to use all lowercase letters in my username… this is just lame. I mean, COME ON!!! Debian appears to be the only distro with this issue and it’s really easy to overcome (by simply installing kuser and creating a new account as desired) but seriously, this is just the most retarded thing to me…

Next I had issues with proprietary drivers… for instance the Nvidia driver was a friken pain to install… I mean it was ridiculously hard to get in there. and of course that spurred a Kernel rebuild that took out my wifi and eventually fixing both led to my sound going out… it was absolutely retarded.

Which brings me to my last gripe… Support. Debian support is… well… there is none! I tried several forums for assistance on my little video driver problems and got many “helpful” posters telling me how easy it was to do, but in reality NONE of their “helpful directions” worked… one group told me to do it the “debian way” involving some ridiculous kernel module build app that never worked, another recommended an addendum to the same telling me I had to build a deb for it… which made NO sense considering the fact that if all I needed was a deb then why the heck hadn’t someone else just posted their deb for me in the first place? Then add to all that the fact that the gcc compiler version was screwy (there was a link to a gcc compiler that was out of data and not removed, easy fix but still annoying).

the ting is, I have loved Debian for some time now… it’s clean, simplistic, and unbloated. I like the fact that as fast as I want to work Debian works that fast… I have no complaints there… it’s just the build that’s a pain… if this release has fixed all those problems, I am sticking with debian!

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