Jan 012009
Linux, Windows, Mac OS... It sparks a fierce debate which is better... and
one must ask one's self which one IS better?

Our answer? none.

Silly Humans. We laugh at your misfortune. Having no proper enducation in
simple seperation of species and phylum you lack the ability to distinguish
that these animals have seperate and distinct sub groups that MUST be taken
into every arguement reguardless of intent!

You see we can not argue that Windows is better without first taking into
account that there are currently 4 seperate and distinct subversions of
Windows. For instance, there is windows Xp, Windows Vista, Server 2003, and
Server 2007. We can't argue that "Windows" Is better without first
acknowledging that any ONE version may be "teh suk" in any particular task
we try to perform!

Allow us to make this point more clear.

TASK: John wished to watch a video that is stored on a computer. he wishes
to watch this video on his TV in another room. He has the following hardware
to work with:
1 PC (with a standard 4 head NON-RAID sata controller)
1 TV
1 Xbox 360
How may this task be acomplished?

Now If he is running ether Windows XP or Vista on his computer he may simply
install windows Media player 10 or 11 and then he can stream the video use
UPnP! simple task complete! Windows wins!

But let's add some complexity! lets say that John is also a Download Fiend!
He spends his days downloading mass videos from the web and he wants to
store them ALL on his PC for streaming later on! to do this he must have a
mass storage... for now he is safe with his 1.5 Terrabyte hard drive, but he
realizes he will eventually run out of space! what to do?!

Well John could then look into his storage options! Eventually he will look
into building a large storage solution called RAID. in RAID John can
configure a GROUP of hard drives to store his precious videos! but then John
realizes that to safely sore his data he must use something called RAID
level 5. this can't be done in Windows XP NOR Vista! so he installs Server
2003... which DOES handle RAID 5. count another win for Windows right?

You see No windows Server OS will allow you to install the needed UPnP
software to stream to his xbox! so he is now given a choice; stream a few
movies OR store a massive collection of movies... NOT BOTH!

Now we know that John could have simply purchased a mass storage controller
with HARDWARE RAID instead of SOFTWARE raid but we are making an arguement
in the real world. If John wishes to spend his money on hard drives, he
probably will have very little left over to get that $900 raid controller!

Now many will read this arguement and assume We are a Linux zealot... we are
... but we recognize that linux isn't always the best OS for a task! for
instance, lets say John has the same setup and he installs ANY flavor of
Linux... now lets say he has a MASSIVE collection of MP3s. Now Lets say John
wishes to listen to his music using a pair of Bluetooth head phones... the
average PC user will NOT be able to do this out of the box. in fact, dare we
say it no experianced user could to it either! 

You see Undoubtedly John will want FULL use of his Bluetooth headphones!
this means he want to use the a2dp sound profile AND he wants to use the
buttons on his headset to controll the medial player... thus far there are
flavors of Linux that can use the buttons and there are flavors that have
a2dp support... NOT BOTH! But Windows can do this OUT OF THE BOX!

The moral here? Well the dead trolls said it best; Every OS Sucks!

  3 Responses to “PC killed my inner child…”

  1. You might want to edit that post… it’s Server 2008, not 2007 (you may be confusing it with Windows 7, which is just a pimped-up Vista).

    Have you tried Server 2008? It should have all of the same media options as Vista (but simply disabled… I managed to enable the Vista visual theme in Svr2k8, which I had read was unavailable). Look into it. I was under the understanding that with Vista/Svr2k8, they put everything all on one DVD, and then (based on the KOA you bought) enabled or disabled certain features.

  2. Then again, you might have better options the longer you wait…
    (real world testing after the link)

  3. Since I am not software or hardware savy I really don’t have a comment either way…however, I will say this: you always seems to put a smile on my face,John”.