Dec 022008

So I’m sitting here within minutes of closing up shop for the evening when I realize I’m feeling quite the draft coming from my nethers… yeah… After some step retracing I realized I have had this little ball-window sence this morning when I had to sit in a VERY tight office… allow me to ‘splain:

This morning I had to work on a PC installing an application. I decided to actually go TO the office at the suggestion of a peer (who is my superior by seniority) who felt that a personal touch was better than remoting in… welll this office is so small that previously the desk was pushed to one wall and barely had room for two ocupants. Now the desk has been moved slightly from the wall to allow a supervisor to call this demure closet his office… well… I had to sit at the chair reserved for people who are meeting with said supervisor… they must be midgets. I had no way to sit with my legs at any comfortable angle, seeing as how I have less than a foot for my butt–How the HELL did they get the chair back there?!?–so I ended up “spread eagle” just to take a semblance of a comfortable seating arrangement… yeah… I felt it pop… but did not see the split… it must have worked itself bigger over the day…

You know? this tells me something about my coworkers… not sure which statement matches here but follow me if you dare…

A> they are mean people who point and laugh at me behind my back… Nah… they are the type to point and laugh at my face!

B> They are oblivious people who never noticed… maybe I’ll just NOT wear pants to work and test this one…

I’m going home now… suck it world.

  2 Responses to “Blowout…”

  1. You have such a way with words…some of which cause visuals that I believe will be permenantly burned into my brain. Some co-workers I think were born jerks. You’re better than they are(At least, I think so!).
    Take care~Leslie
    BTW, When were you going to tell your friend that you were moving?

  2. (Unless you’re talking about someone else…)
    He can email me and tell me… oh, wait, no, I had to call him about something else.

    I hope everything goes well for you, IcoNyx!