Sep 192008

Installing an Operating system is like making love to a woman…

Installing Linux is like having a wife; she takes some work and effort to get her going, Ultimately it doesn’t cost you any money (though this is debated), and you don’t have to worry about getting a virus.

Installing Windows I like having a hooker; you don’t have to work hard to get her going, it’ll probably cost you your weekly pay check, and when you’re done, you’ll be seeing a professional about a mysterious bug you got a week or two after.

Installing any Mac OS is like doing your cousin… It may be hot, but it’s still wrong.

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  1. I agree with most of that. Here’s my two cents:

    Linux is the quiet one. She’s not super-model hot, but she’s very far from ugly, as of late. She used to be an ugly little scab of a girl, but she’s grown up now, and she’s actually… pretty cute now. She doesn’t make a lot of commotion like the others. What she does, she finds the fastest and easiest way to do it. And she’s very clean. And she doesn’t trip as often as Windows. But, if she says anything, pay attention, because it’s important (otherwise, she’ll stop working, and you’ll never know why).

    Windows is the one with all the makeup (more so than your cousin the Mac). She’s hot, and the most popular. She has some really good skills (but they’re mostly superficial). Sometimes she even throws the football like one of the guys… but in the wrong direction, and only after making you wait for her to look at herself in her pocket mirror. She says she’s secure, that she’s faithful to only one dude… but the truth is that the “only one dude” is usually anyone who approaches her with the right pick-up line. She thinks she’d playing hard-to-get a lot better than she really is. She’s hot, but her room is a mess. And you’re constantly having to correct her mistakes and clean up after her. Her selling point is that everyone knows her… inside and out. Everyone.

    Mac truly is your hot cousin. Like Linux, she’s not at attention-hungry as Windows. But, she can only do two things REALLY well… video editing and editing video. Other than that, she speaks a different language, and walks kind of weird (and her wardrobe is kinda monochromatic, dominated by shades of white and clear). But… but… she’s REALLY hot. So, even though you’re secretly jealous of the other guys who hang out with her, you just can’t bring yourself to approach her. Because (as you put so well), it’s just wrong. So, you keep your distance, staring at her.

    Well done, Iconyx.