Sep 042008

We are slaves, bound by our understanding of the world around us. As such we cannot progress from our sphere of existence until we understand the laws that govern it.

I came to this conclusion some time back, though I never really contemplated it untill this morning…

My realization is this:

When we left earth (Space exploration) we first had to have enough understanding of the laws of gravity to create a craft that could successfully escape it. To this end, dozens of men had to die, and still we the majority are bound to this world.

Like the prior example, if we want to leave this solar system, we must understand the laws that bind us here. Our understanding of space and gravity is only enough to bring us to near by celestial bodies–the moon, Venus, Mars, etc.– Before we can escape our Earthly prison, we must first gain a sufficient understanding of microgravity, spacial drift, spacial hold, thermal dynamics, and we must eventually realize faster than light travel.

Because of mankind’s penchant for greed and gluttony, any and all advancements to that end will ultimately be bent towards goals of empowerment though destruction.

All things in their place, this is the natural order. Thus mankind will remain bound, here–in our ever diminishing prison–forever.

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