Sep 192008

Installing an Operating system is like making love to a woman…

Installing Linux is like having a wife; she takes some work and effort to get her going, Ultimately it doesn’t cost you any money (though this is debated), and you don’t have to worry about getting a virus.

Installing Windows I like having a hooker; you don’t have to work hard to get her going, it’ll probably cost you your weekly pay check, and when you’re done, you’ll be seeing a professional about a mysterious bug you got a week or two after.

Installing any Mac OS is like doing your cousin… It may be hot, but it’s still wrong.

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Sep 162008

Why do people insist on using the expression, “when life hands you lemons…”?

First off, Life never hands you anything. Life is like a deranged hobo living under the rail road bridge. If you’re unfortunate enough to walk by him, he hurls whatever he can get his hands on at you like a grenade.

And second,  lemons are not the life’s’ munition of choice. You see, life is more content to hurl out three week old salmonella riddled chicken heads, that splatter with a sickening thud against your face. A mucus laden spit-ball flung with such terrifying force as to stir up memories of the sixth grade bully… and dodge-ball… Splattering brain matter an dead chicken snot in your eyes and mouth.

And of course, not wanting to actually touch the mess of rotting flesh and rubbery bone matter–weakened through stewing in what can be only described as a broth of blood, faeces, and liquefied flesh matter–you end up standing there with an odd mixed expression of both horror and surprise, arms extended in a faux crucifix.

Ultimately you end up just standing there, mortified and somewhat curious where that muck-ball will end up as it slowly slides down your face, neck, and inevitably into your shirt–which incidentially is almost always both you favorite, and ironically, your last clean shirt.

The taste of the bits of muck that have somehow found purchase betwixt the bitter and sweet taste buds leaving you retching. It’s the taste of rotten eggs boiled in bird pooh and marinated dog urine.

And that’s when you finally take that fateful breath. You are forced to draw air through your nose, as you’re mouth is still suffering the offence of actually tasting the filth. Unfortunately your body has involuntarily been holding out on breathing until now, so that first breath is forced drawing not only air, but also the putrid stench of rotting flesh mixed with actual bits of congealed goo. This has a two pronged effect, There is a dual reaction between your lungs fighting to draw breath and your nasal passaged closing to stop the invading bits of carcase out of your air passages, causing you to snort. Of course this sudden snort forces that same invading chicken goo to travel further up your nose, and down the back of your throat finally resting on the backside of your uvula.

Of course, with every single sense of your being universally offended,  you vomit. Further adding to the mix of filth and muck and leaving you hopelessly defiled.

Eventually you will manage to regain enough composure to walk step after agonizing step back to your home, greadily lusting after a long hot shower… with bleach… However apon reaching your domicile, you are greeted with a red notice on your door… Your water has been turned off for building maintenance.

You see, there are no lemons available for life to hand. Only three week old salmonella riddled chicken heads.

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Sep 142008

I cant express the sheer overwhelming stress and emotion I have been under the last few days… I can’t even explain WHY I’m stressed… all I can say is it keeps building and building with an end in I can only describe as pure panic.

Someone, please stop the world spinning, I wanna get off now.

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Sep 052008


“Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head.”

– John Crichton, with an alien lobster-esque “truth sensing” creature on his head.

“You been lying to your daddy boy and you know you shouldn’t lie to your daddy! It’s gonna stop! Who’s your daddy? Common you know who your daddy is! Who’s your daddy? D’argo, tell him who his daddy is!”

– John Crichton

“I’m your daddy!”

– Kar D’argo

“If I don’t kick this project in the ass before commandant cleavage gets back she’s gonna execute me anyway, right?”

– John Crichton

Yes, I have been on a Farscape kick, deal!

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Sep 042008

Well the software hunt begins…

I want to add a series of Howto pages to this domain… basically readme’s complete with screenshots to cover how to install Operating systems, Applications, and configurations of the same… the problem is the documents would be far too large to simply create pages within WordPress…

I need something that can be integrated into WordPress, but will split my Howto’s into smaller pages interlinked…


[edit] Stupid me… found teh page parrent option… gonna test that puppy out!

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Sep 042008

We are slaves, bound by our understanding of the world around us. As such we cannot progress from our sphere of existence until we understand the laws that govern it.

I came to this conclusion some time back, though I never really contemplated it untill this morning…

My realization is this:

When we left earth (Space exploration) we first had to have enough understanding of the laws of gravity to create a craft that could successfully escape it. To this end, dozens of men had to die, and still we the majority are bound to this world.

Like the prior example, if we want to leave this solar system, we must understand the laws that bind us here. Our understanding of space and gravity is only enough to bring us to near by celestial bodies–the moon, Venus, Mars, etc.– Before we can escape our Earthly prison, we must first gain a sufficient understanding of microgravity, spacial drift, spacial hold, thermal dynamics, and we must eventually realize faster than light travel.

Because of mankind’s penchant for greed and gluttony, any and all advancements to that end will ultimately be bent towards goals of empowerment though destruction.

All things in their place, this is the natural order. Thus mankind will remain bound, here–in our ever diminishing prison–forever.

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Sep 042008


“Alright, let’s try this; we power the screen to sixty-two percent, get in the same position we were in the first time the beam hit, then we moon the Halosians and hope they’ll shoot us again!”

John Crichton (from the body of Dominar Rygel the sixteenth)

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Sep 012008

I have put up a boards section (under but I haven’t figured out proper integration.

If you want to use the boards, be my guest, but you have to create a separate login for it from the wordpress/gallery login.

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Sep 012008

Ok, so I have decided to use this as MY rant/blog/whatever page… after all, it is my domain right?

But I wont kill my old rant for a while… I may just leave it be… I dunno… just me rambling here…

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